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AKL central air conditioning system Chengdu flagship store grand opening!

2021-05-06 10:40:28

AKL Chengdu flagship store is the opening of another flagship store of central air conditioning and floor heating machine in China shortly after the opening of Chaohu flagship store in Anhui Province on October 18.

At the opening ceremony of Chengdu flagship store, koni, the representative of German LecA in China, Zhao Xianguo, the manager of LecA southwest region, and other guests attended the opening ceremony!

2020 is the key year for LecA to enter the domestic market and the fifth year for LecA to enter the Chinese market. Before that, LecA focused on the European market.

The opening of the Chengdu flagship store of the all-in-one central air conditioning and floor heating machine of Leka marks that Leka has officially sounded the clarion call to enter the Sichuan market and the southwest region, and also means that the market of Leka in Sichuan and the southwest region will gradually expand, which is of great significance!

Leka Chengdu flagship store is located on the second floor of Hongxing Meikailong (Shuangnan Road store), Wuhou District, Chengdu City, which is the central urban area of Chengdu City.
Chengdu has a subtropical warm monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. The temperature rises rapidly in spring, but the cold air activity is frequent, which makes it easy to be cold in late spring; Summer is hot with heavy rain and rainstorm; In autumn, the temperature drops rapidly, with continuous rain;

It is warm in winter, humid in air, less frost and snow, more cloud and fog, less sunshine and snow in a few years, which is especially suitable for the development of central air conditioning floor heating machine.

The Meeting Will Be Held From 2 P.M. To 5 P.M After The Meeting, Everyone Took A Group Photo As A Souvenir