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AKL floor heating and central air conditioning machine shines in the 13th China Chengdu heating ventilation and air conditioning Exhibition

2021-04-11 10:27:09

AKL, participated in the 13th China Chengdu heating, ventilation and HVAC Exhibition on April 15

The 13th Chengdu heating, ventilation, air conditioning and comfortable home system exhibition and the 21st China (Chengdu) building and Decoration Materials Expo (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Construction Expo) is a long-time and wide-ranging B2B trade exhibition of HVAC products in central and western regions. After 12 sessions of development, it has become a professional industry event in the central and western regions.

Chengdu Construction Expo is committed to the “whole industry chain” product display layout of building materials and home furnishing industry, featuring customized home furnishings, smart home furnishings, HVAC comfortable home furnishings, system doors and windows, and building materials, striving to provide complete solutions for building materials and home furnishing industry

The 21st China (Chengdu) building and Decoration Materials Expo will be held in the Western China International Expo City from April 15 to 17, 2021. The scale of the Expo will reach 12 pavilions + 3 exhibition areas, with an exhibition area of 150000 m2. It is estimated that 1600 + exhibitors and 110000 + professional visitors will hold 25 + Industry Summit Forum at the same time.

AKL LecA was born in 1951 in Weinheim, Germany. It has a history of 70 years. At present, it has three R & D and manufacturing bases in Weinheim, Germany, Dorset, UK and Ningbo, China, with annual sales of more than 1 billion euros. AKL Leka is one of the most influential famous brands in German HVAC industry.

Over the past 70 years, AKL Leka has provided a large number of comfort system solutions for residential, commercial buildings and factories, and accumulated a lot of experience. The integrated central air conditioning and floor heating machine developed and manufactured by the company is specially designed for the integration of central air conditioning and floor heating system of middle and high-end families. The ERP energy efficiency level of the product reaches a + + and a + + + (European energy efficiency level) standards, and China’s first-class energy efficiency standard.

AKL’s core advantages

Mature technology, focus on quality

AKL Luft – / Wasser wrmepumpen is one of the earliest applications of air-water heat pump system in Europe, which originated from Germany. AKL LecA system components come from Europe. Its products are produced in strict accordance with German QC standards. At present, it has formed a standardized production mode and pays more attention to quality.
High efficiency and energy saving, wide range of operation

AKL LecA products have been certified by ERP seasonal energy efficiency grade A + + and a + + + (European energy efficiency grade) standards and China’s first class energy efficiency standard. The mature jet enthalpy increasing technology of AKL LecA system broadens the operation range of the unit, and can meet the cooling and heating needs of most countries and regions in the world.
Intelligent control, environmental protection and comfort.

AKL LecA system can carry out intelligent control, built-in mobile app remote control module, and connect the device through WiFi to realize intelligent linkage. AKL  central air conditioning and floor heating all-in-one machine adopts R410A environment-friendly refrigerant, which is green and comfortable. It is committed to providing partition comfort solutions for global users.

Upgraded product appearanceEvery upgrade of the product is to bring better experience to users. “Quality winning” is the brand concept that AKL Leka has always adhered to. This product upgrade has laid a solid foundation for AKL Leka to enhance its core competitiveness. Leka will not forget its original intention and forge ahead! 

AKL LecA all new central air conditioning and floor heating machine will be launched on April 1, let’s wait and see!2021 is the key year for AKL to enter the domestic market and the third year for AKL to enter the Chinese market. Previously, AKL focused on the European market.Today, AKL Leka has begun to enter the Chinese market in an all-round way.

The opening of Chengdu flagship store of AKL Leka central air conditioning and floor heating machine marks that Leka has officially sounded the clarion call to enter Sichuan market and southwest region, and also means that Leka will gradually expand its market in Sichuan and southwest region, which is of great significance!