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AKL Is A Professional Brand Of Air To Water Heat Pump

2022-01-24 12:26:33

AKL LecA Was Born In 1951 In Weinheim, Germany, And Was Founded By Dr. Joseph AKL (Joseph Akler). After More Than Half A Century Of Development, There Are Three Major R & D And Manufacturing Bases In Weinheim, Germany, Dorset, UK And Zhejiang, China. There Are More Than 10 Marketing Institutions In Poland, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Russia And Other Countries, With An Annual Sales Scale Of More Than 1 Billion Euros. AKL Le Card Is One Of The Influential Brands In The HVAC Industry In Germany, Which Can Provide Integrated Comfortable Home System For Users All Over The World.

Over The Past 70 Years, AKL LecA Has Adhered To Sustainable Development, Pursued The Harmonious Coexistence Between Man And Nature, Led By Clean Energy And Renewable Energy, Provided A Large Number Of Comfort System Solutions For Residential And Commercial Buildings And Accumulated A Lot Of Experience. The Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating All-In-One Machine Developed And Manufactured By It Is Specially Designed For The Integration Of Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Systems In Medium And High-End Families. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Grade Of The Product ERP Reaches The Standards Of A + + And A + + + (The Highest Energy Efficiency Grade In Europe) And China’s First-Class Energy Efficiency Standard. Rich Product Series, Covering Household And Commercial Fields.

AKL LecA Is Committed To The Application And R & D Of Integrated Floor Heating And Central Air Conditioning, Household And Commercial Fields, Pays Attention To The Design And Installation Of The Overall System, And Pursues Environmental Protection And Low Energy Consumption. It Is Widely Used In France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, South Korea, Israel More Than 50 Countries And Regions Such As Dubai, UAE, Chile, Ecuador, Indonesia And Vietnam Have Been Applied. So Far, They Have Provided High-End Comfortable And Energy-Saving System Solutions For More Than 2 Million Families Around The World.