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Interview With Koni Representative Of AKL Heat Pump

2022-01-24 12:26:33

On April 26, Germany LecA And Nanjing Fruit And Wood Comfort Home (Nanjing Urban Operator) Held The First German LecA Water Multi Connected Central Air Conditioning And Designer Salon In Nanjing Qilin Science And Technology Innovation Park On The Day Of The Meeting, More Than 20 Designers From Nanjing HVAC And Decoration Industry Were Invited To Attend

Mr. Koni, CEO Of LecA China, And Yu Xiaoyong, Factory Technical Consultant, Attended The Meeting On Behalf Of The Brand

At The Beginning Of The Meeting, Mr. Koni Will Introduce The Brand And Plan For The Future Of The Chinese Market And Welcome All Designers To The Scene

Name: Konstantin Kostov – Koni

Role: China Representative Of AKL Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Integrated Machine In Germany

Main Professional Experience:

1. (2000 ~ 2008) Director Of Quality Control And Development Of Tesy

2. (2009 ~ 2015) German Ferro Energy GmbH Group Co., Ltd. And Its Subsidiary Partners

3. (2016-2018) Quality Control And Development Director Of German AKL Heat Pump Technology Ltd

4. (From 2019 ~) Chinese Representative Of German AKL Heat Pump Technology Ltd

Xiaobian (Li Jing): Hello! Koni! It’s A Great Honor To Have An Exclusive Interview With You. First Of All, Please Talk About Your Impression Of China.

Koni (Koni): I Like China Very Much. I Like Chinese Culture And Unique Food. I’m Glad To Come To China! China Is Developing Rapidly, And Life In China Is Also Very Convenient And Guaranteed.

Xiaobian (Li Jing): Please Briefly Talk About Your Main Professional Experience.

Koni: All Along, I Have Been Mainly Engaged In Product Quality Control And Development Activities. This Year Is The Fifth Year In AKL (LecA) In Germany. I Have Been The Director Of Quality Control And Development Activities In German AKL Heat Pump Technology Ltd Since 2016. I Have Been Sent To China By The Company Since 2019.

Xiao Bian (Li Jing): What Do You Think Is The Difference Between German Products And Chinese Products?

Koni: German Products First Pay More Attention To Product Design. Practical And Low-Key Products Are Always Popular In Germany. Secondly, They Pursue The Quality Of Products More, Not Only For The Appearance Of Products, But Also More Carefully Where They Are Invisible. In Particular, The Internal Process Of Products Pays More Attention To Quality. Therefore, Users Also Trust German Products Very Much. In Addition, High-Quality Technology And Perfect Service Add Intangible Value To Our Products. In A Word, German Products Pursue Value, Detail, Reputation And Quality.

China’s Products Are Rapidly Updated, With Richer Product Appearance And Types. There Is A Large Development Space For Chinese Products In Quality Control, But The Speed Of China’s Innovative Technology Is Faster.

Xiaobian (Li Jing): Is There Any Difference Between German Air Conditioning Equipment And Chinese Air Conditioning Equipment?

Koni: The Installation And Use Functions Are Very Different. In Germany And The Whole Of Europe, Except For The Countries Around The Mediterranean, There Is Basically No Need For Air Conditioning And Refrigeration, Only Heating And Domestic Hot Water. At Present, China Mainly Realizes The Functions Of Ground Heating In Winter And Central Air Conditioning And Refrigeration In Summer.

Xiaobian (Li Jing): Don’t Germany Use Air Conditioning In Summer?

Koni (Kony): The Summer Time In Germany Is Very Short, And The Temperature Of 30 ° C Is Not Very Hot. In Addition, The Labor Cost In Germany Is Very Expensive. If Indoor Air Conditioning Is Installed, The Cost Will Be Very High. However, At Present, The Newly Built Houses Are Slowly Accepted And Began To Install Air Vents To Meet The Cooling In Summer.

Xiao Bian (Li Jing): As The Representative Of AKL Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating All-In-One Machine In China, Would You Please Talk About LecA?

Koni: AKL Has Developed For 70 Years In Germany. At Present, It Has Three R & D And Manufacturing Bases In Weinheim, Germany, Dorset, UK And Zhejiang, China. In Addition, It Has More Than 10 Marketing Institutions In Poland, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Russia And Other Countries. Previously, AKL Has Been Focusing On The European Market. AKL Has Provided A Large Number Of Cooling And Heating System Solutions For Residential And Commercial Buildings.

Xiaobian (Li Jing): What Are The Advantages Of German AKL (LecA) Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Integrated Machine?

Koni: The Core Advantages Of AKL Are Mainly Reflected In Three Aspects. First Of All, AKL (LecA) Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Integrated Machine Is One Of The Earlier Applications Of Air-Water Heat Pump System In Europe, And Its Technology Is Mature; At The Same Time, The Key Components Of AKL System Also Come From Europe, With Guaranteed Quality. In Addition, The Products Are Produced In Strict Accordance With German QC Standards. At Present, A Standardized Production Mode Has Been Formed, Paying More Attention To Quality. Secondly, The AKL System Has A Wide Operation Range And Can Meet The Cooling And Heating Needs Of Most Countries And Regions In The World. In Addition, AKL (Music Card) System Can Carry Out Intelligent Control, With Built-In Mobile App Remote Control Module, And Connect The Equipment Through WiFi To Realize Intelligent Linkage.

Xiaobian (Li Jing): What Is AKL’s Positioning And Future Development Goal For The Chinese Market?

Koni: At Present, AKL Is In A Period Of Rapidly Increasing Brand Awareness In The Chinese Market. There Is No Doubt That AKL Is Positioned As A High-Quality Product To Enable More Users To Enjoy A Comfortable And Energy-Saving Quality Life. AKL (Lucky Card) Will Always Adhere To The Concept Of “Quality First, Honest Management” And Effectively Protect The Interests Of Users. The Development Of AKL (Lucky Card) Will Implement The Form Of “From Point To Area”, So As To Achieve All-Round Development. It Will Take The Lead In Implementing Strategic Deployment From East China And Southwest China, So As To Promote The All-Round Development Of The Chinese Market.

In Recent Years, With The Rise And Vigorous Development Of The Domestic Dual Supply Market, People Have A New Definition Of Comfortable Life, And The HVAC Market Pattern Has Also Changed. German AKL Seized The Good Opportunity Of The Outbreak Of The Domestic Dual Supply Market, Fully Entered China’s High-End Market, And Injected New Vitality Into Creating A Comfortable Life. Through This Exclusive Interview With Koni (Koni), The Chinese Representative Of AKL (LecA) Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Integrated Machine In Germany, I Believe You, Like Xiaobian, Have A Deeper Understanding Of AKL (LecA) Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Integrated Machine In Germany.

The Standardized Production Mode Is One Of The Key Factors For The Long-Term Development Of AKL (LecA) In Germany. AKL (LecA) Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Integrated Machine Has Started To Enter China’s High-End Market, And Is Committed To Becoming One Of The Leading Brands Of Central Air Conditioning And Floor Heating Integrated Machine In Reclaimed Water System In China’s High-End Market!